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Financial planninginvolves managing your finances, personal or business-related, in an efficient manner to get the most value out of them over a period of time. It is long-term continuous process where you,

  1. Identify your goals
  2. Find different alternatives to achieving those goals
  3. Rank the alternative based on how much each of them will cost
  4. Allocate funds to achieving goals in the most efficient manner

While it may be possible to achieve your goals with different strategies, the objective of financial planningis to achieve your goals by committing the least amount of financial resources. This is what creates value for businesses. Financial planningis about managing the unforeseeable future where as accounting is about processing the past. We won’t be able to change the past but with better future planning we can certainly achieve a better outcome.

Most business entrepreneurs are good at their trade and understand the specifics of their industry. However, they may lack skills in financial forecasting and profitability analysis to understand how they can use their finances more efficiently and reduce expenses.

Darling Accounting works with qualified financial planners who possess decades of experience in the market. Our financial planner partner provides tailored solutions that meet your needs.

Our financial planning partner can advise on the following:

  • Investment options
  • Retirement planning
  • Personal insurance
  • Business succession planning
  • Asset protection advice
  • Estate planning
  • Budgeting planning
  • Self- managed superannuation fund advice


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